Salt Lake City, UT

Position Desired

Salt Lake City, UT


U.S. Citizen: Yes


General Studies, Nursing (Oct 2008 - present)
Weber State University
3848 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84408
EMT-I course (Aug 2006 – Oct 2006)
Riverdale Fire Department
4334 So. Parker Drive, Riverdale, UT 84405
EMT-B course (Nov 2005 – Dec 2005)
Davis Applied Technology Center
550 E 300 S, Kaysville, UT 84037
CNA course (Mar 2005 – Jun 2005)
Davis Applied Technology Center
550 E 300 S, Kaysville, UT 84037
Criminal Justice (1991 – 1994)
Salt Lake Community College
9750 S 300 W Sandy, UT 84070

International Business (1991-1992)
University of Utah
155 So. Central Campus Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84112
High School Diploma, Hillcrest High School (1988 Graduate)

Continued from PG. 1
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I) Safety Officer May 2010 – present
Sun Products Corporation Hours/week: 40
3540 W 1987 S - SLC, UT 84056 Salary/Hourly rate: $14.50
Supervisor: Mike Lucas (801) 975-3194

1. Determines patient’s condition before patient can be transported and to which medical facility.
2. Operates usage of radio communications equipment system.
3. Complies with established procedures for disposing of infectious/hazardous waste materials.
4. Knowledge of advanced medical terminology, medical equipment, supplies and procedures.
5. Performs public health inspections (food and water) in coordination with Bio-environmental, a trusted agent and transporter for the Demand Reduction Program.
6. Adapts to change in a very busy workplace; participates in performance improvement activities.
7. Utilizes airway adjuncts, breathing aids, and supplemental oxygen as prescribed in protocols.
8. Addresses concerns of staff employees; follow up action corrects/eliminates workplace tension.
9. Solid-credited experience! Administers meds. (oral/I.V.), insulin injections/sterile dress changes.
10. Enforces current Safety policies and evaluates to increase workplace safety.
11. Conducts one on one training with associates to ensure safe work practices.

Critical Care Technician December 2009 – May 2010
Intermountain Health Care Hours/week: 24
1756 W 12775 S - Riverton, UT 84065 Salary/Hourly rate: $11.75
Supervisor: Rachelle Rhodes (801) 285-2500

Performed below patient admitting and procedures in an ambulatory/primary clinical care setting:
a. Immunizations/injections i. Orthostatic vitals
b. Blood draws j. Ear and eye cleaning/irrigation
c. Bladder Scan (PVR) k. Intermittent catheterization
d. Intake/Procedure notes l. Visual acuity tests
e. Blood Pressure checks m. Blood glucose checks
f. 12-lead EKG’s (MAC 5000) n. Exercise O2 saturations
g. Instructs patient on usage of oxygen tanks. o. Peripheral IV’s
h. Individualized Diabetic Self-management education and meter teaching

1. Identified, treated and documented airway construction, respiratory and cardiac arrest.
2. Ascertained whether patient had pre-existing medical problems and obtained comprehensive drug history from the patient to include name, strength and dosage of drugs.
3. Provided medical data plans to physicians; executed orders toward patient proactive services.
4. Quickly and accurately reacted to changes in condition or responds to treatment.
5. Communicated any immediate changes in patient’s clinical condition with physicians.
6. Admitted and discharged patients per physician recommended orders in a timely manner.
7. Requested permission to deviate from prescribed protocol through medical control authority.
8. Conducted complete examination of patient’s condition to determine the nature, extent and seriousness and searched for medical alert symbols.

Continued from PG. 2

9. Utilized pulse oximeter, capnometry, capnography or other secondary confirmation methods to ensure correct placement of emergency advanced airway devices.
10. Performed pulmonary resuscitation when patient breathing failed to start spontaneously; utilized appropriate techniques such as mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-nose and mask-to-mouth.
11. Opens & maintains airway using appropriate method (head-tilt, chin-lift or jaw thrust maneuver.)
12. Conducted and interpreted electrocardiograms (EKG) dependant on local protocols.
13. Strong analytical skills, capable of assessing conditions; implemented appropriate intervention.
14. Initiated intravenous fluids to include heparin locks; regulated and discontinued their usage.
15. Observed and promptly notified nurse/physician of adverse reactions to medication and dosage.
16. Uncanny way to prepare for emergencies; prioritized/remained focused during critical needs.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I) Ambulance Supervisor March 2006 – December 2009
Southwest Ambulance (Closed business) Hours/week: 56
1735 S 900 W, SLC, UT 84104 Salary/Hourly rate: $13.65
Supervisor: Karina Jones (801) 390-2665

1. Served as EMT in a Medical Treatment Facility such as an emergency room, acute care or urgent care clinic or ambulance service performing invasive, advanced life support procedures.
2. Responded to accidental and other emergencies involving injury and illness which sometimes may be life-threatening on the remote Utah locations.
3. Responded to on-si...

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