Salt Lake, UT

Position Desired

Respiratory Therapist
Salt Lake, UT



Over 10 years’ experience in the medical field as a volunteer firefighter-EMT intermediate. Served 4 years as the fire chief for a small community all the while working a full time job. Resigned to attend school to become a respiratory therapist, I finished school with a Bachelors degree and full honors. My goal as a respiratory therapist is to provide superior healthcare and to make a positive difference in patients and their families.

Demonstrated success record in:
 Monitor patient’s physiological responses to therapy, such as vital signs, arterial blood gases, and consult the physician if an adverse reaction occurs.
 Work as part of a team of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals to manage patient care.
 Maintain charts that contain patients’ pertinent identification and therapy information.
 Inspect, clean, test and maintain respiratory therapy equipment to ensure equipment is operating safely.
 Educate patients and their families about their conditions and teach appropriate disease management techniques, such as breathing exercises and the use of medications and respiratory equipment.
 Clinical experience working with adults and in the NICU.

• NBRC Certified • Team player • CPR Certified
• Hard working • EMT Intermediate • Career oriented
• Reliable • ACLS Certified • Love to teach others

• Fire Chief- I led a crew of fifteen for four years and over 300 fire and EMS calls never filed a claim for an injury of a volunteer firefighter. I have been an EMT for well over 10 years and am very competent in areas of assessment, vital signs, starting and maintaining IV’s.
• Operations Supervisor- I was employed in less than eight months at my current employer and was promoted to supervisor. I learn things fast and I always take the time to make an educated decision by which I am not afraid to ask questions from more experienced persons.
• 18 Years – I worked for 18 years in the wholesale lumber industry. I am very dedicated to my career and the company that I work for. I had left due to the economic slowdown in the country.
• Goal – My personal goal is to be a respiratory therapist and to add this as a career achievement in which I can give something to the respiratory world. I really want to make a difference one patient at a time.


URS – Tooele Chemical Depot, Stockton Utah 2009 – Present
DSA Operator/Supervisor
• Responsible for placing entrants in proper PPE prior to entry into toxic areas.
• During toxic entries I monitor the entrants, if they have any medical problems I am responsible for entering the toxic area and removing them.
• Responsible for making sure that all entrants and backups are current on training and fit tests prior to entries.
• Responsible for all double checks of entrants and backups prior to an entry to ensure that all equipment and PPE is donned properly and is secure.
• Have over 40 in company certifications. We have worked over 12 million man-hours withou...

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