Safety Pro

Minneapolis, MN

Position Desired

Occupational Health Nursing
Minneapolis, MN


A highly talented Occupational Safety and Health Professional with extensive experience in monitoring and enhancing an organization’s safety and health program, including safety inspections/audits, incident and accident investigation, and personnel training.


- More than ten years’ experience in the safety field.
- In-depth knowledge of federal, state, and local safety regulations and procedures.
- Excellent skill in conducting safety inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards.
- Advanced knowledge of Process Safety Management regulations and protocols.
- Understanding of Industrial Hygiene practices and techniques.
- Enhanced application of emergency response procedures and hazardous materials management.


Aggregate Industries – Eagan, MN (6/2014 -11/2014)

Occupational Safety and Health Manager
- Completes worksite assessments and program evaluations.
- Provides technical expertise to site mangers and leadership.
- Maintains Dept. of Transportation training records for Ready-Mix delivery drivers.
- Provides oversight for injury and illness tracking, workers’ compensation claims, and return to work plans for employees.
- Conducts incident and accident investigations determining root causes.
- Provides training for all employees for company safety and health program.

State of Wyoming – OSHA Division – Cheyenne, WY (12/2011-2/2014)

Senior OSHA Compliance Officer
- Conducts work area assessments, surveys, and program evaluations for General Industry, Construction Industry, and the Oil and Gas Industry (exploration, drilling, and processing).
- Process Safety Management Specialist conducting inspections at petrochemical and chemical processing facilities.
- Performs accident and catastrophe investigations identifying root causes.
- Completes industrial hygiene evaluations at workplaces.
- Accomplishes indoor air quality and workstation ergonomics evaluations.
- Writes extensive technical reports citing hazards or violations.

Frontier Refining Inc. – Cheyenne, WY (4/2001 – 11/2011)

Facility Safety Supervisor (2007-2011)
- Provides oversight and technical support to refinery on all aspects of safety and health.
- Develops, reviews, and updates organization safety policies and procedures.
- Performs industrial hygiene sampling for the workforce.
- Conducts incident/accident investigations within the refinery.
- Radiation Safety Officer for the refinery.
- As the Hazardous Communication Coordinator, provides training to refinery personnel and oversight of chemical Safety Data Sheets.
- As the Contractor Safety Supervisor, provides review of all contractor safety policies and procedures prior to contractors starting work.
- As the Emergency Response Training Officer, develops annual and monthly training plans, curriculum and provides training for assigned personnel of the Refinery Emergency Response Team (fire, technical rescue, HAZMAT, and medical).
- As the Site Security Supervisor, provides oversight and evaluation of facility security.
- Provides training for all employees and contractors for company safety and health program.

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