Austin, VA

Position Desired

Austin, VA


Profile US Army Reserves Military Police (MP) – US Army Reserves 2010-2013
Securitas Security – Armed Security and unarmed security 2011-2014
EMT-B certification 08/2014
EMT-P certification 09/2015
ACLS certification 04/2015
PALS certification 04/2015
ITLS certification 04/2015
Paramedic Certification pending for 07/2015

Key Skills — Law Enforcement & Public Safety
— Emergency Planning & Response
— Security/Surveillance Operations
— Criminal Investigations
-graduating from the #1 recognized Paramedic program in Virginia — Crime Prevention
— Traffic Patrol
— Defensive Tactics
— Firearms Safety & Handling
-Pediatric advanced cardiac resuscitation training — Crime Scene Management
- Computer skills
- Advanced cardiac Life support
- Internationally recognized trauma response

Experience US Army Reserves— Currently performing drills at Camp Bulls San Antonio
Military Police Officer, 08/2010 to 11/2013
Awarded MP position at the culmination of 9.5-week basic training and an additional 12 weeks of AIT, specialized MP training. Currently serve as a Military Police officer protecting lives and property, patrolling military base and preserving law and order when on duty under the US Army Reserves.
Have been working for Securitas private security company for almost a year now. Performing duties such as Access control monitoring the facility using cameras and building patrols. If accidents are reported me and the team I work with conduct a full investigation to the best of our abilities and perform a formal incident report on the matter as well.
Site worked at: Bioware Austin, before/after the release of Star wars - the Old Republic.
EMT-B certification started with an accelerated course with all educational/Lab hours as required for national registry starting in October of 2014 and ending in November of 2015. Since then I have started the Accelerated Paramedics Program at TCC in Virginia beach. Widely known nationwide as one of the top Paramedics programs in the nation. With this I have made treatment plans and assisted in the care of over 200 Patients. The paramedics’ skills I have learned range from RSIing a patient to stabilize an airway to directing the effort of a cardiac emergency including drug administration to cardiac rhythm analysis.
Results: Have been working with training and learning new and more effective ways to becoming a MP in the US army reserves through my unit.
Fulfilled a range of MP duties for both combat and peacekeeping missions. Gained proficiencies and experience in: traffic accident first-responder/investigations, police patrol, ticket/report writing, felony traffic stops, search and seizures, criminal investigations and suspect interviewing/fingerprinting/processing.
The TCC’s Paramedics program has more than prepared me to treat patients in a competent manner. With the skills taught to me by the paramedics program at TCC I have learned how to treat patients ranging from a newborn being delivered to a geriatric patient bedri...

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