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Healthcare, Nursing, Nurse Practitioner
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Family Nurse Practitioner

Patient-focused Family Nurse Practitioner with over 14 years combined nursing experience seeking to utilize and expand upon my skills and combined knowledge. Expert in all elements of patient care and successful in working autonomously and as part of an interdisciplinary team to treat/manage a wide range of acute, chronic and terminal medical conditions including pain management. Skilled in prioritizing patients’ needs within a high-stress environments. Please note the gap in work experience from August 2012- December 2014 was due to being in Grad School and then from Dec 2014 to Jan 2017 was due to being transferred overseas to Bahrain for Husbands Military Assignment.

Work Experience
Family Nurse Practitioner
Freda Gordon Hospice and Palliative Care of Tidewater - Virginia Beach, VA
January 2017 to August 2018

Provided specialized pain/symptom management caused by acute, chronic, terminal illness or side effects of treatments. Provided pain and symptom management for Palliative patients with acute symptoms. Provide new patient consultative services with both Palliative Care and Hospice. Collaborated with IDG team, Medical director and referring providers to coordinate and manage care. Provided 24 hr on call services via phone and when necessary in home for Palliative care patients. Provided on-call services for Hospice pts in home. Educated family and patients regarding end of life care, management, disease process, and advanced care planning. Completed histories, physicals, provided counseling and coordination of care. Completed Hospice re-certifications according to CMS guidelines. Assisted and completed DNR orders. Helped develop and implement community based Palliative care program while at HPCT. Promoted/educated on Palliative Care services to the community and physicians. Assisted with admissions, performed death visits, coordinated with patient, physicians and family members regarding patient final resting wishes, and funeral homes. Acted as clinical support for Nurse Case Managers and ancillary staff providing education on disease management. Certified "As You Wish" Facilitator for Advanced Directives.

Concurrent Review Nurse
Amerigroup Corporation - Virginia Beach, VA
September 2011 to August 2012
Responsible for reviewing treatment plans and services that are already being utilized, in order to ensure the efficient use of patient utilization systems and quality care using appropriate medical resources. Also evaluated the quality of care and its conformance with organizational policies, procedures and guidelines, as well as compliance with government regulations. Provided education to Amerigroup members and families on disease process and health and wellness and what resources to utilize in patient area for continuation of care, health management and referrals.

Otolaryngology (ENT) Clinic Manager
University of Tennessee Medical Center - Germantown, TN
September 2009 to February 2011
Served as working manager within the clinic providing care when needed in support of the physicians and nurses. Develops and coordinates the activity of a cohesive team of skilled clinical staff by the selection and development of subordinate staff. Maintained a safe work environment by ensuring compliance with OSHA standards, facilitating periodic training for all employees and monitoring staff adherence to safe workplace practices. Coordinated and Implemented Policies and Procedures related to current guidelines. Ensured compliance with patient confidentiality and HIPAA; complying with privacy and security
requirements, ensuring staff compliance with all HIPAA policies. Supported medical revenue/profitability goals by implementing systems to obtain best pricing for products and supplies; optimizing use of EHR to ensure proper coding and documentation. Updated professional knowledge and technical skills by maintaining licensure required for the position; attended meetings and participating in
continuing education activities.

RN Nursing Supervisor
Kent Regency - Warwick, RI
October 2008 to May 2009
Responsible for managing staff, overseeing patient care and ensuring adherence to established policies and procedures. Assigning staff and monitoring their activities, and with helping to recruit and train new personnel. Served as working supervisor within the facility providing care when needed in support of the physicians and nurses.

Gastroenterology Clinic RN, Sedation/Recovery nurse
US Air Force - Andrews AFB, MD
September 2007 to May 2008
Responsible for assessing, diagnosing, identifying outcomes, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care of patients. Additionally, the directing and supervising nursing care for patients in the gastroenterology setting. Providing conscious sedation to patients during endoscopy procedures and following through with their care all the way through recovery.Implements clinical and technical aspects of care in accordance with established policies, protocols and procedures. Intervenes with proper safety techniques, procedures, and standard precautions. Respond to "code" or patient crisis as set forth by policy and procedure.

Medical/Surgical Nurse
UA Air Force - Andrews AFB, MD
October 2006 to September 2007
Accountable for assessment and care of patients in an in-patient unit. Responsibilities include the development, implementation, and evaluation of plans of care for specific patient populations and coordination and collaboration with mu...

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