Colorado Springs, CO

Position Desired



I enjoy corroborating with other professionals and helping teams succeed. I’ve had an integral role on multiple business development teams---showcasing my versatility and demonstrated contributions as a valuable team player. My experience ranges from sales and service to marketing and management but my strength lies in developing and cultivating relationships. I attribute my success to passionate product knowledge while fostering a nurturing spirit in hope of making a difference in the lives of others.

Areas of Expertise

 Business Development
 Strategic Relationships
 Consultative Sales Approach
 Lead Generation
 Teambuilding & Training
 Adaptable Management Style
 Event Management
 Promoting  Influential Communicator
 Customer Service
 System Processes
 Business Logistics
 Complaint Handling & Resolution
 Market Analysis
 Metrics
 Low-Level Laser  Spine
 Orthopedics
 Human Physiology
 Physics
 Injury Rehabilitation
 SpineMED & MedX
 Electrotherapy
 Orthotic Bracing

Professional Experience

ATLAS MEDICAL CENTER, Colorado Springs, CO 9/2017 – 12/2018
Production Manager of Clinical Operations
Executive team member responsible for overseeing, developing, executing, and evaluating a vision to create a growing and prosperous company through successful outcomes and a customer base that is excited to refer. Executive in charge of the functional rehabilitation, decompression, neuropathy, internal marketing, orthotic bracing, and inventory departments. Assist in talent acquisition and team correction.
• Meet daily with upper management team to review clinic production, strategize training models, implement policy and procedures.
o Average Production ~ $2M gross revenue/year, 1000 patient visits/month, 600 rehab services/month, 700 chiropractic adjustments/month, 150 medical services/month
• Develop office-wide performance metrics for 15 employees for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goal-setting, stats reporting, and statistical analysis.
• Supervise 8-member clinic rehab team consisting of medical/chiropractic/physical therapy professionals to produce accurate and consistent customer experiences and outcomes.
• Oversee back office system process and hold morning huddles to strategize departmental daily “battle plans.”
• Conduct weekly staff meetings in conjunction with the office manager.
• Report to the marketing manager. Create, implement, and manage internal marketing competitions designed to increase production through social media markets and customer referrals.
• Report to the treasurer. Deliver and document product inventories and customer orders. Responsible for equipment and office maintenance and repair.

ATLAS MEDICAL CENTER, Colorado Springs, CO 9/2015 – 9/2017
Director of Rehabilitation
Work in lockstep with the business development team to provide essential contributions with re-branding system processes. Supervise a medically accepted and billable rehab program. Balance competing priorities, ranging from business development and system integration to high-volume patient care and complaint handling--- often seeing 6-12 patients per hour with 5+ services per patient producing $400-$800 of revenue for each rehab patient visit and NOT inclusive of any stem cell or DME/orthotic device revenue. Assist in talent acquisition, employee reviews, & correction.
• Corroborate with team to promote, sell, deliver, retain, and refer “re-branded” system.
• Integrate efficient delivery of complex, in-house treatment orders as prescribed by licensed allied health professionals; Consists of re-exams, medical and stem cell injections, BioTE, spinal decompression, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, orthotic braces, laser therapy (PBMT), and nutritional supplementation.
• Occupy title as Head Physical Therapist and Director of Spinal Decompression during business model transition. Coordinate patient treatment, compliance, and education. Create documentation standards and regulate compliance.
• Utilize 2-3 rehab technicians to delegate 250 to 300 daily, co-competing active and passive therapies.
• Order, train, and deliver ~ 100 medical orthotics/year from GioMedical, Aspen Medical, Klovr, and CBP.
• Adapt to constant changes while going through an office-wide self-training process that incorporates and provides medical services thru billable insurance codes.
• Research and integrate emerging technologies such as low-level laser therapy (PBMT).

Director of Spinal Decompression
Support business development team to prospect, sell, deliver, retain, and refer clinical products and services. Carryover Spinal Decompression Representative duties as product expert for the company. Report to three, busy growth-oriented sales leaders to become proficient at fo...

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