Gypsum, CO

Position Desired

Healthcare, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Executive, Healthcare Management, Other Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Quality Assurance/Improvement
Anywhere in the U.S.


Strategically lead and manage a corporation to be progressive and innovative while building on its strong core foundation of providing compassionate care and improving the quality of life for the population served.


Master's in Health Leadership
Western Governors University - Salt Lake City, UT
September 2019

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bethel College - North Newton, KS


Senior Vice-President of Quality
Ready Responders, INC - New Orleans, LA
October 2018 to Present
* Venture Capital Start-Up in New Orleans, LA, with expansion to Las Vegas and Washington DC in the next 6 months
* Responsible for the organization's quality assurance and quality improvement, patient safety activities, establishing a best practice model for providing out of hospital care for 3 different models; 1) Non-Emergent 2-1-1 response to the patient's home with telemedicine as needed, 2) Community Paramedic scheduled visits for payers high utilizers, and 3) Readmission reduction.

Public Health Nurse Consultant, President and CEO
Caring Anne Consulting, LLC - Gypsum, CO
March 2009 to Present
Caring Anne Consulting, LLC Public Health Nurse Consultant, President and CEO March 2009 to Present
Gypsum, CO


* Central Mountains RETAC, CDOT Grant Coordinator, Regional Teen Seat Belt Challenge, Grant Cycles 1 – 5, 2010 - 2015
o Built regional injury prevention coalition
o Created Annual Teen Seat Belt Challenge through local high schools
o Annual event increased teen seat belt usage regionally by over 15%

* Central Mountains RETAC, Prevention Coordinator, 2013 to 2015
o Published Prevention Needs Assessment (first of its kind in the State of Colorado)
o Assist 6 counties in creating/evaluating prevention efforts at the local level
o Assist the region in aligning strategic goals around prevention and prioritizing activities

Community Paramedicine (CP):
* Co-Creator and Public Health Partner for the first National Community Paramedic Pilot Program, Eagle, CO
o Created evaluation report that involved creating new methods for collecting data, analyzed data to show healthcare cost savings, and creating an evaluation template that will be used nationally, 2012 & 2014
o Co-Authored the first Community Paramedic Handbook, outlining how the steps to setting up a program.
o Assisted with grant writing for program sustainability

* University of California Los Angeles, Statewide Community Paramedicine Course, Los Angeles, CA, 2014
o Developed and delivered course based on the National Community Paramedic Curriculum for the 13 pilot sites

* The Paramedic Foundation, Community Paramedic Curriculum Co-Author, Developer, and Instructor
o Taught the second course in the nation, 2010
o Lead a team in updating the curriculum to the 3rd version, including educational development and design, 2011 - 2012
o Coordinated pilot course that included 27 EMS agencies in 14 states, 2012
o Lead a team in updating the curriculum to the 4th version, including educational development and design, 2016 – present

* International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC)
o Initiated and contracted with IBSC to create the International Community Paramedic Competency Exam

• Developed and lobbied for State Community Paramedicine Legislation
o Colorado: Assisted with initiating, engaging stakeholder and legislative sponsor, facilitating meetings, and testifying for the successful legislation in Colorado
o Appointed as the Colorado Nursing Association Representative to the State taskforces to develop State Rules and Regulations for CP providers

• Community Paramedic Program Development
o Pitkin County, CO; Abbeville County EMS, SC; Humboldt General Hospital, NV; and All six EMS Agencies in the Central Mountains RETAC

• Conference Planning and Management
o International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 x 2
o National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine, 2012

• Published the State of MN Community Paramedicine Toolkit, 2015 – 2016 (see publication below)

• Developed six continuing education modules for Community Paramedics caring for older adults, Retirement Research Foundation, 2015 - 2017
§ State of Idaho, Division of EMS and Preparedness, Community Paramedic Pilot Program Evaluation, 2018

§ Eagle County Public Health Department, Clinical Program Evaluation, 2017

§ Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Critical Care Paramedic Endorsement Coordinator, 2013 - 2014
o Facilitated work group to draft rules including scope of practice for the State of Colorado

§ ProMed Network, Executive Producer, Podcast Studio at national EMS conferences, 2009 – current

§ EMS Culture of Safety Curriculum Development, 2012

Executive Director
CMRETAC - Frisco, CO
2015 to June 2019
Central Mountains Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council (CMRETAC):
PRIMARY GOALS for this position over the past 4 years has been to achieve the following:
* Build a diversified Board of Directors that include the following:
• EMS and Trauma Agency Directors and Supervisors
• EMS and Trauma Medical Directors
• Public Health Agencies
• Primary Care Providers
• First Responders
* Increase organizational effectiveness by increasing capacity to include the following:
• Schools
• County Officials (Commissioners, County Managers, Public Health Directors, Emergency Managers, and County Attorneys.
• Mental Health Specialists
• County EMS / Public Safety Boards and Trauma Committees
• Regional Educational Institutions
* Engage additional stakeholders in and outside the region to include the following:
• Colorado Crisis Connection and Mental Health Groups
• ESF8 Groups
• Healthcare Coalitions
• Other RETACs
• State Emergency Medical and Trauma Section
◦ State EMS Medical Director
• Legislative Groups to advance the EMS and Trauma professions
* Add and grow programs based on the counties' and regional's assessed need
• Bring in best practice models from around the state and nation and assist with implementation
◦ PRIMARY ROLES for this position over the past 4 years has been to achieve the following:
* Oversee the operations of the 501c3 organization
• Includes supervision, budget management, assessment, planning, and evaluation of program development, public speaking, stakeholder engagement, and enforcement of State Statute
• Assess, evaluate, and determine the need for additional staff and resources.
• Establish funding mechanisms through grants and allocation of budget dollars to grow the organization as needs are identified

* Coordinate regional efforts based on t...

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