New York City, NY

Position Desired

Healthcare, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Executive, Healthcare Management, Other Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Public Relations, Management, Nonprofit, Other
Anywhere in FL; Anywhere in NJ; Anywhere in NY


Summary of Experience

•Strategic planning and convener of key stakeholder from the public, private, academic and federal sectors as well as philanthropy
•Problem solver, collaborator, and life-long learner
•Work in philanthropy and grants management
•Advance representation of BIPoC in academia, and health system leadership
•Program design, evaluation and dissemination of best practices
•Mindful of policies aimed to either enhance or create barriers for racial and gender minorities
•Skilled at translating research into practice

Experience working in diverse settings in partnership with key stakeholders, public and private funders, foundations, federal agencies, trade associations and academia to improve primary care programing as well as scholarship and research. I have led multiple national initiatives to decrease health disparities and address health equity. The lived-experience of working on national projects has highlighted the importance of applying research to inform strategy, listen to key stakeholders, apply evidence-based frameworks, and analyze data to track progress. In addition, we must remain mindful of policies that may either facilitate or create barriers towards achieving health equity. As a keen problem solver, collaborator, researcher, and leader, I have cultivated a valuable social network of trusted colleagues and proud of the positive impact of my work.


Adjunct Faculty at University of Texas Medical Brand and Co-creator of Nursing Mutual Aid

Instructor of an online asynchronies leadership course at UTMB. Co-organizer and creator of Nursing Mutual Aid to help support and foster global connections, to amplify and share essential knowledge for healthcare workers and nurses working in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. Advancing ideas and solutions to support populations often invisible like the incarcerated, harm reduction, homeless, BIPoC communities, and LGBTQ+

JNVH at Columbia University School of Nursing, NY
Executive Director responsible for strategic planning, partnership development, fundraising, and advancing doctoral nurse scholars (n=1,232). Amplified the role of nursing as change agents in helping to address pressing health issues in our nation. Key stakeholder engagement of private donors, foundations, and trade associations.

Weitzman Institute, CHC Inc., Middletown, CT
Associate Director responsible for operations at the Weitzman Institute and provided oversight to the research team. Expanded private, public, and research partnerships to advance primary care research, increase funding >$1.5M in a federally qualified health center setting. Served as Principal Investigator: NIH Precision Medicine All of Us Research for CHC Inc. and Transforming Primary Care for LGBT People.

NYSHealth Foundation, New York, New York
Program Director for the Diabetes Campaign, developed, implemented, and led strategies in New York State to obtain Diabetes Provider Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance for 950 providers in two years. Extensive collaboration with private practices, medical trade associations, hospital outpatient departments, and FQHCs to increase efficiencies and improve diabetes clinical management. Managed multiple grantees, implemented virtual train-the-trainer series to expand the foundation's statewide reach.


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