Medical Librarian Resumes

9 Resumes
Name Current Location Desired Location Auth? Updated
Papa Oshkosh, WI Fond du Lac, WI; Oshkosh, WI Yes 7/20/2021
Leah Queens, NY Anywhere in the U.S. Yes 4/29/2021
Sean Hempstead, NY Anywhere in New York Yes 3/26/2020
Jeanne Medford, NY Anywhere in the U.S. Yes 12/6/2019
Taylor Upland, CA Anywhere in California, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ma... Yes 1/31/2019
Tammy Los Alamitos, CA Cypress, CA; Lakewood, CA; Los Alamitos, CA; Seal Beach, CA Yes 12/20/2018
Katie Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Yes 5/30/2018
michowdhury Bronx, NY Anywhere in the U.S. Yes 5/19/2018
Niknowot Orlando, FL New York City, NY Yes 4/21/2018